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Garden Party go-tos!

Shopping indie needn’t be something you save for buying gifts – we have an amazing selection of independent brands who create a whole array of products to bring indie in to every aspect of your life!

As it’s SCORCHING outside, we figured a lot of you will be having family BBQs and throwing garden parties. So, we’re bringing you our Garden Party Edit, to help you #thinksmalluk this summer!

‘Party’ script balloon, £8, by Team Hen

First – set the scene. You don’t need to go over board on decorations for a garden party, mother nature has already sorted the colourful back drop, but a script balloon like this one and some handmade bunting (see below) on your garden fence will set the tone for a party!

Personalised bunting, £2.50 per flag, by Suzanne Oddy Design

If you’re worried about your guests judging the state of your shrubs, you could always distract them with your beautiful garden ornaments. “Oh the garden always looks like this – but thank you so much for noticing!” (and you’re officially permitted to be extra smug when you answer “where do you get those beautiful pieces?” with “oh, those? They’re hand made by an independent brand.” – style that’s effortless AND ethical – winning!)


Handmade sun catcher panels (fish £15, rainbow £25) by Pain in the Glass

Next, for the most important aspect of any party – the food!

We’ve all experienced the hushed hunger-fuelled whingeing of party guests waiting for the BBQ to catch. So, to avoid this, have some snacks on hand for your waiting guests. The classic crisps & dips are just fine, but if you want something a little more special, then why not choose some beautiful, hand crafted treats –

Brigadeiros (Brazilian sweet treats), £12-24, by Emmy’s Brigadeiro

And if you’re a BBQ pro, with no fears for your fire lighting skills, then back-up snacks are still great to whip out later on. Especially if one too many of your guests end up scrimping on the bring-your-own!


Speaking of food, those who volunteer themselves as boss of the BBQ deserve that title recognised – so why not reward their efforts with a personalised apron?

Personalised aprons, £22-38, by Rudi & Co


That’s it for our Shop Indie Garden Edit, but here are a few more top tips for planning your garden party –

  1. Send (good) invites – always make sure that everyone knows if/when they’re being fed. There’s nothing like uncertainty to put guests off attending! Check out our selection of invites here
  2. Master the music – background music should be just that; don’t crank it to the point guests can’t make chit-chat, and steer clear of too many karaoke classics (unless you fancy a sing-a-long, in which case, go for it!)
  3. Consider the seating – make sure you have enough! Not everyone will need a chair, so don’t make your back garden look like the local cinema. Just make sure you have plenty of blankets and cushions, so that those who can sit on the floor will, and enough chairs for those who need them. If you’re short on cushions, check out our options
  4. Provide entertainment – games will always be played if they’re available, and the simpler the better! You can always rely on giant jenga or a game of catch to keep your guests entertained. If it’s a hot day and there are kids attending, roll out the hose and sprinkler – simple, endless fun!


Happy garden-partying, everyone!


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